Product design partners,
every step of the way

We don’t just design smart, connected products – we partner with you to manage the entire project and product lifecycle.

From concept to marketable product, and everything in between, we excel at all aspects of industrial product design.

We specialise in product ideation, de-risking investments before tooling, testing concepts and trialling technologies.


Always striving for
design excellence

First and foremost, we love designing products. And products that don’t just look great but are intuitive, easy to use and work extremely well too.

We have extensive experience designing stand-alone smart industrial products that consume low power and connect wirelessly.

Our design services include: concept and prototype design; low power wireless design; embedded design; design for EMC compliance; progressing regulatory approvals.


Engineering that is
second to none

We’re good at making things – it’s not just in our name, it’s in our blood. But we do more than just  assembling parts. Much more.

We specialise in product design engineering for sectors including telecommunications, security & surveillance and facilities management.

Our engineering services include: high-speed and low-power electronics; industrial and mechanical; embedded software; reverse engineering capability.


Lean manufacturing
taken care of

We’re always thinking about how to manufacture the products we design – it’s second nature. And our in-house manufacturing capabilities can bring your product to life.

Where possible we manufacture prototypes in house, and once the design is signed off, we can also manage the entire manufacturing process and supply chain for you.

Our manufacturing services include: prototype manufacturing; small batch manufacturing; supply chain management; manufacturing lifecycle management.