Design and manufacture of a low-power sensor
unit operating on the Sigfox radio network

SPICA’s Legionella monitoring solution replaces traditional manual techniques with connected devices; taking real-time data readings of pipe temperature that feed into its Devicepoint™ dashboard for easy remote access and reporting.

This unique IoT solution offers demonstrable long-term cost savings, better accuracy to exceed regulatory requirements and a pro-active approach to tackling this widespread health risk.

SPICA engaged MADE-PD to develop the Devicepoint™ IoT hardware platform, manage the process of gaining EU regulatory approvals and Sigfox certification and manufacture the first production batches of the product.

We were chosen because of our combined in-house low-power electronic and industrial mechanical design, plus our ability to manage the entire process from concept to prototype and volume production.

We custom designed the low-power electronics and included an integral battery capable of powering the unit for in excess of two years. The robust IP65 enclosure was designed concurrently alongside the electronics to achieve a rugged cost-effective product.

A functioning prototype was available for testing within two months, enabling SPICA to undertake early field testing and gain valuable early feedback on performance. Following this, we then arranged for the manufacture of 500 units.

Vemotion Interactive
Vemotion Interactive

Design and manufacture of outdoor
surveillance camera equipment

VEMOTION asked MADE to design and manufacture surveillance camera equipment that integrated a full HD PTZ dome camera and Vemotion’s processor board with GPRS/3/4G low bandwidth connectivity.

It was essential that the unit could be quickly deployed and operational, with a total deployed mass of no more than 3.5kg and suitable for use in the hot and cold climates across Europe.

Working with the customer, we developed bespoke hardware and software components, which together with COTS modules, were integrated into a fully custom metal enclosure designed for outdoor use.

In addition, we also developed an innovative quick release bracket that combined strength with low mass, allowing the camera to be quickly and firmly secured to a lamp post.

The customer had a tight delivery schedule requiring design, validation and production within a three-month timescale. Production was managed by us, with final assembly and testing performed in-house in order to maintain tight quality control over the finished product.

We’re continuing to work with Vemotion, fulfilling its product orders as well as designing product customisations when needed.


Design of continuous, synchronous OLPD
equipment packaging and enclosure for high-voltage networks

HVPD are experts in the online partial discharge (OLPD) condition monitoring of in-service, medium-voltage and high-voltage networks such as those used at power stations.

They offer a complete range of OLPD diagnostic test and monitoring equipment to provide an early warning of incipient high voltage insulation faults.

We were engaged to assist with the design of Kronos® Permanent Monitor for
continuous, synchronous OLPD equipment for high-voltage networks that may be used in a wide range of environments.

The packaging and cooling of highly sensitive electronic measuring equipment, combined with ingress protection, were crucial considerations.

We suggested a modular design in order to maximise tooling investment to allow the enclosures to be used to package bespoke products in future.

We worked closely with HVPD’s hardware engineers to detail the physical design, with the brand identity developed through product styling and integrated throughout the product range.