We are MADE

We are MADE

A perfectly-sized
product design consultancy

MADE Product Development Ltd is an industrial design consultancy that helps you to overcome the challenges of developing smart, connected products for commercial markets.

Combining first class product design engineering with full life-cycle and project management services, we work closely with you to take your ideas from concept to market.

Our holistic, agile approach to product design means we always have one eye on the bigger picture, reacting and responding to change to deliver better products that are quicker to market.

Who we are
Ben Smithson

Ben Smithson

Director of Industrial Design

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Ben Smithson is a co-founder at MADE and his primary role is Director of Industrial Design.

He's a highly regarded technical industrial design engineer and product-focused collaborator with shop floor experience and end-to-end knowledge of the complete product development lifecycle.

Ben’s experience spans early sketched concept designs to managing the process of delivering world class production-ready electro-mechanical industrial products that are 'in field ' and in use around the world today.

With an ability to review client design requirements and consider downstream consequences, processes and supplier needs, along with his professional judgement at early concept stage, Ben is adept at designing industrial products that are continually well received with manufacturers, end users and boardroom management alike.

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Alistair Morgan

Alistair Morgan

Director of Electronic

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Alistair Morgan is a co-founder at MADE and his primary role is Director of Electronic Engineering and Embedded Software.

Alistair has held many roles at senior level in small and medium-sized businesses around the world, working in specialised engineering teams to embed systems for deployment in areas such as retail sales, underground mining, CCTV systems and hand-held computing equipment. More latterly, he's developed a new range of IoT low-power radio equipment for use in building and facilities management.

Exposure to these diverse applications has allowed Alistair to gain invaluable insights into both the management and detailed design aspects of product development for industrial applications. His day-to-day activities include detailed electronic design and the management of in-house and external engineering resources.

He holds a Masters degree in Information Technology Systems Development and is a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

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Mark Wherrett

Mark Wherrett

Product Manager

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Mark Wherrett provides technical product management and general management services for MADE as an associate.

Mark is a well-regarded technical product manager and highly experienced Chartered Engineer with extensive industry experience working for companies producing smart, connected products for applications where performance and high reliability are paramount.

With a successful track record of collaborating with customers, colleagues and partners internationally throughout the complete product or project lifecycle, Mark is proficient in project management and is a PRINCE2 Practitioner. He's successfully applied for funding for lead business contributions on four UK or EU grant-funded projects.

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Shanen Soltani Icely

Shanen Soltani Icely

Product Design Engineer

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Shanen Soltani Icely is a product design engineer at MADE.

Shanen has a passion for creative activities, whether that's designing products or composing music. His approach to product design development is strongly user-centric, and has developed a solid understanding of the design process throughout the product development lifecycle.

When designing, Shanen always strives to be innovative and provide quality designs that not only function efficiently but also connect to the user on a more personal and emotional level.

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Kelvin Lawson

Kelvin Lawson

Senior Software Associate

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Kelvin Lawson is an associate software product developer at MADE.

Kelvin has experience in creating a wide range of IOT products, embedded systems, web services, database, desktop and mobile applications.

He's skilled in a variety of coding languages including C, C++, Python, Javascript, Java, Objective-C, Delphi and various assembly languages.

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What we believe

Here at MADE, our mission is to make smart, connected industrial products that look great, work well and are commercially viable.


Our vision is to be internationally recognised for innovative and agile industrial product design, manufacturing and support.


We’re open to new technology and techniques. We also know time to market and cost control are essential for success.